Bamboo Baby Muslin Square & Swaddle

Bamboo Baby Swaddle 47"

A swaddle helps your baby adjust to life outside the womb by making her feel safe and secure. During a 2-3 week wash, the child will be easily startled (jumping arm) and may cry for long.

Swaddling the baby How is it necessary and useful?

When the baby is born and bathed. After that, the nurse will wrap the baby’s body before giving it to the new parents. Sometimes mom and dad may understand that swaddling the baby is just to help only support the baby during training in order to hold a baby or for the convenience of feeding. In fact, wrapping the baby in the postpartum period is more useful than they know.

Why do we need to “wrap the baby” after birth?

1.It helps the baby to adjust to acclimatization and helps the baby feel warm and safe, just like in the womb.
2. Helps reduce shocking symptoms from the surrounding noise.
3. Tighten limbs, reduce shock symptoms from loud noises. Keeping warm so the baby doesn’t feel cold. Keeps warm and maintains body temperature.
4. Helps to sleep longer and reduce shock symptoms during sleep.
5. Longer sleep can help to improve the brain system, good mood, and improve mental health.