Our Story

Good for babies, good for planet.

Nappi's providing babies sustainable high quality baby essentials, with thoughtful incredibly soft bamboo-cotton material & functional design, while taking care of the planet.

Where it started.

There is little a mother’s love cannot overcome, and the love that our founder, Narisa Israngkura Na Ayudhya, has for her daughter is no exception. When her daughter was nine months old she was diagnosed with Vesicoureteral Reflux and pediatric recommended to regularly use white cloth diaper as an alternative to disposable diapers. Due to her weak immune, her baby had allergic reaction to white cloth diaper. Narisa’s search led her to discovering a super soft bamboo-cotton muslin that was safe for her daughter. 
This search also helped Narisa discover a new purpose to her life: providing babies with the safest, most comfortable and happiest start to life by enveloping them in super soft bamboo-cotton. Through creating thoughtfully-made baby essentials for Nappi, Narisa is linking helping babies and their parents be happy, while caring for the planet.

Nappi is proud to be a mom-founded and parent-operated company, made with love from Thailand. Caring for your child’s needs, and the planet, is at the heart of our product development. Our range is thoughtfully-crafted to be the finest, the softest and the safest baby essentials. And we have the evidence back up our claims.

Certified from Switzerland. Made with love Thailand.

Only the safest & softest materials to create baby products with uncompromised comfort, like bamboo-cotton. To us, the sense of touch is foundational to the development of a baby’s body and mind. A special bamboo-cotton blend has been chosen as our main material due to its incredible softness. This helps your baby feel comfortable and relaxed, while gently stimulating their sense of touch.

We only choose eco-friendly materials & process. All of our bamboo-cotton products are crafted with the aim of being the least burden to our beloved Earth. All of our products are made using eco-friendly processes, and our packaging is produced with eco-friendly materials, including soy inks. .

Nappi bamboo-cotton products have proudly been certified with the global textile standard called OEKO-TEX 100 class 1, which is the highest worldwide quality guarantee for baby-safe products. A baby’s skin is up to 30% thinner and more sensitive than adults, and is an important line of defense against toxins, irritants and allergens. Our products are free from Formaldehyde, Fluorescent, Phthalate and heavy metals, and are dyed with a special Azo-dye that is very safe for baby’s delicate skin.

Our commitment

Our Vision

To empower family & babies around the world to have a healthy & happy life, through eco friendly, natural related & better choices products.

Our Mission

At Nappi, we dedicate to improve the well-being of baby’s and toddlers worldwide by create international high quality products to provide better choices of incredibly softness, healthiest, safest, baby essentials, personal and home care products that look good & do good for your family & the planet, while put parent’s mind at ease.

Our Value


products made with Incredibly soft bamboo-cotton fabric that is very breathable, high absorbent and can regulate body temperature.

High Quality & Safe

All of our products are FREE of azo-dye, formaldehyde and heavy metals with the test report of OEKO-TEX 100 class 1 from Europe.


Our products are crafted with the aim to create trust & happiness amongst babies and parents through the design and specific function, while caring for the planet. Our production process uses eco-friendly materials and eco-friendly process as much as we can. 


The journey of parenthood is not easy and we are here to support families to raise there kids with peace of mind and ready to embrace the world. Our sustainability work starts with a child’s need & focuses on developing happy babies, parents and also caring for the environment. 

Let’s walk together in creating a happier & healthier world for babies and parents, while caring for the planet.