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Our mission is your baby’s comfort.


Here at Nappi, we truly believe that comfort is what encourages a baby to feel trust, relax and thrive in an environment. Knowing they are in a secure place with a strong attachment helps a baby feel safe enough to explore the world happily. has your baby’s comfort and safeness at its heart.

Our promise is on the highest quality, softest and safest bamboo-cotton products that comfort your little one from their first cry. We
promise to always be by parents’ side through this incredible journey.
We want to pass on the spirit of connecting to nature through our baby essentials
We hope our children will grow up with kind hearts and the values of respecting and preserving our planet for future generations.

As such, we specifically crafted our baby’s products through the values of:

Our products made with Super soft bamboo-cotton fabric that is very breathable, high absorbent and can regulate body temperature.

All of our products are FREE of azo-dye, formaldehyde and heavy metals with the test report of OEKO-TEX 100 class 1 from Europe.

Our products are crafted with the aim to create trust & happiness amongst babies and parents through the design and specific function.

Our sustainability work starts with a child’s need & focuses on developing happy babies, parents and also caring of the environment.
Our production process uses eco-friendly materials and eco-friendly process as much as we can.

Let’s walk together in creating a world of happy babies and parents, while caring of the planet.